Code Enforcement

What We Do

The Code Enforcement Officer is under the Planning & Land Use Director and responds to violations of Municipal Code, Chapter 350: Zoning & DevelopmentChapter 254: Nuisance Enumerated and the 2015 adopted International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC).  Typical violations investigated are large accumulation of weeds, trash and debris; construction and development without permits; inoperable vehicles; vacant and abandon buildings; illegal signs and zoning violations.

The Process

The Code Enforcement Officer conducts inspections of properties, within the city, and assesses whether they are in violation of any land use code.  Once a determination is made, the citizens are provided due process to abate the violation.  The legal property owner of record is notified of the violation, via Certified USPS Mail, and given 15 days from the date of the letter, to come into compliance.  It is the responsibility of the owner to contact the Code Enforcement Officer to request an extension, if needed.  The goal is compliance, not punishment; however, violations that fail to comply will result in a Municipal Court summons.

Citizen Complaints

Any complaint regarding a property in violation of the Zoning & Development Code can be anonymously made
 herePublic Safety concerns regarding transients, trespassing, drug activity etc. can be directed to Public Safety by calling the  non-emergency line at 505.753.5555. 
Once received the Code Enforcement Officer will conduct an inspection and begin the process.  If noted, you will be updated on your submitted complaint within 48 hours.