Planning & Land Use Permits/Fees

Permit Fees are listed in accordance with Municipal Code,

Chapter 171: Development Permits & Fees, Section 12, Fee Schedule

ORDINANCE 2017-11 Adopted by the Governing Body on December 12, 2017 amends Article IVB, Permit Fee Schedule 2000-08

Permit Applications & Forms
Address Verification Form
Site Development Application Permit
Planning Commission Application

Rezone Requests
Residential Development Permit
$500 (+$250/unit)
Commercial Development Permit
$500 (+$100/1000 sq ft)
Special Exception
Variance Request, Residential
Variance Request, Commercial
Sign Permit Application
$10 per square foot of signage
Survey Plat Review Application: $10
Subdivisions: Alternate Summary Procedures
Subdivisions: Family Transfers
$250/ per lot
Subdivisions: Lot Splits (up to four lots)
$250/ per lot
Preliminary Plat
$500/ lot up to 5 lots, plus $150/lot after 5 lots
Final Plat
$500/ lot up to 5 lots, plus $150/lot after 5 lots
Vendor Permit:
$15 per day