Comprehensive Plan

What It Is
The Comprehensive Plan, sometimes referred to as "the Master Plan", is the outcome of a strategic planning process that determines a community's long-range goals and aspirations for community development; it presents a vision for the future.

How It Is Used
The plan is expected to be updated at least every 10 years and is used as a guide while developing and amending Municipal Code in terms of transportation, utilities, land use, recreation and housing. It works to provide a community with continuity across time; balance; protection for public investments; protection for valued resources; promotion for economic development and sets a standard for aesthetics.

How It Was Designed & Developed
In 2016, the Comprehensive Plan Update was spearheaded by the Planning & Land Use Department, in conjunction with Integrated Planning & Design (Park City, UT). Citizens were encouraged to participate, brainstorm, debate and discuss the community’s future. Data was collected and analyzed; priorities were identified; and strategies were created. This community’s venture unfolded into the 2017 adopted Comprehensive Plan.

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  1. Priorities
  • Strengthen the Community's Core - the Towne Center
  • Restore the City's Connection to the Natural Environment
  • Regional & Community- wide Collaboration Requires Communication, Cooperation and Compromise
  • The Crossroads Community - The Creation of Entryway Improvements to Redefine Our Place in the Region
  • Stabilize the City's Neighborhoods