Planning & Zoning Commission

Who They Are

The Planning & Zoning Commission consists of seven volunteers from the community; at least five must be within the planning and platting jurisdiction of the City.  The Mayor appoints the volunteers at the start of a new administration, where they are approved by the City Council.  Members serve a staggered two year term until they are removed or their successors are appointed.

What They Do

The duties of the Commission include final decision on applications for variances; applications referred by the Planning Director; applications for Special Use Permits and appeals from a decision made by the Planning Director.  The Commission also makes recommendations to City Council for applications of adoptions and amendments to the City's Zoning & Development Code; Official Zoning Map; Comprehensive Plan and additions, deletions or changes to the use categories allowed in any district.

When They Meet

Planning & Zoning Commission meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month, within the City Council Chambers, at 6 pm, unless otherwise noted. see Agenda.

Meeting Submittals & Packet Info


Amrit Khalsa
Anissa Martinez
Audrey Garduno
Clyde Vigil, Chairman
Erle Wright, Parliamentarian
John Ricci, Vice Chairman
JR Trujillo