Current Development Proposals

 May 11, 2017 Agenda & Packet Information


Special Use Permit, Case #2017-06

Marcy Davis, applicant, is requesting Special Use Permit to relocate an existing childcare center within the property at 233 N. Paseo de Oñate.  The previous Special Use Permit at that location expired in 2011.  The property is zoned R-O-I, Residential - Office - Institutional.



Special Use Permit, Case #2017-05

Marnie George, applicant, is requesting Special Use Permit for the operation of a private boarding and training kennels facility at 1307 N. Paseo de Oñate.  The subject property is currently zoned B-1, Local Commercial District.  Animal car facilities are not permitted within the B-1 Zone, but are allowed within the B-2, General Commercial District.



Special Exception for Off-Premises Signage, Case #2017-04

Wayne Rhodes, applicant, is requesting Special Exception for the placement of four (4) off-premises drive-thru directional signs for Starbucks, located at 1404 N. Riverside Drive.  The proposed signs will be located on parcels to the north and south of the subject property.

Variance Request Review, Case #2017-03

Scott Guinn, applicant, is requesting review of his application for a variance from the front and rear setback requirements for placement of a modular home on his property at 210 S. Coronado Ave.  The required front and rear setbacks for properties located within R-6, Urban Residential District, are 25'.  The applicant has submitted two (2) proposed home sizes, either of which are acceptable to the applicant.

Previous Cases

  • Informational Presentation: McCurdy Ministries Campus Masterplan
  • Variance Request, Case #2017-02 was approved for variance of front and rear setback requirements for placement of a manufactured home on the property located at 1000 Zuni Lane. Minute Draft.