Community Discussion

FREE and Open to the Public

Community Dialogue Series: 
Pathways Toward Truth, Healing and Reconciliation

An exercise aimed at historical analysis and reflection on contemporary social dynamics with the intention of reconciling Hispano/Mestizo/Genizaro/Chicano identity against the narrative of Spanish-American colonial pageantry in an era of rising fascist sentiment on the global stage.

New Mexicans will be remembered for their rich legacy of resistance and honored for their resiliency. Identity will be explored to challenge the binary monolith of Spanish vs. Native to illustrate how much we have in common. The intended audience is the working class, non-college educated population of the Española Valley.

The event will consist of 10 community members, each given a 5-7 min window for presentation. There will be music, poetry and food a facilitated community dialogue.
Please join us. Please contact 505-927-9631 for more info.

Thursday May 17, 2018 

When: 5:30- 8:00pm

Where: Mission Convento Plaza de Espanola

What: Reconciliation and Re-remembering


The City of Espanola nor the Executive Fiesta Council/Committee/Community Relations Commission are not endorsing the above event. We serve as a neutral entity that merely holds a safe and open space for diverse thought and expression that is centered on the issues of reimaging how and why we celebrate as a community.