About Us

Executive Fiesta Council/Committee Members:
Camilla Trujillo & Roger Montoya – Co Chairs

Dorea Garcia - Interim Secretary

Ralph Martinez - Interim Treasurer  

The mission of this newly appointed committee is to identify moreover as a Community Relations Commission (CRC) who recognizes that much of the language in the current Fiesta del Valle de Española Ordinance and Bylaws account for a historical trauma that continues to afflict and splinter our society.

It is the consensus of the Community Relations Commission that the view of our communities past is constantly evolving and changing and as new generations come forth, the prism through which we view the past, in turn, affects our present reality and our ability to work together on current more pressing problems such as poverty, illiteracy, drug, and alcohol addictions.

Furthermore, the Community Relations Commission is needing community input in order to create a path to realize change and how we hold public celebrations that honor our collective cultural past. In doing this we” will create a new path that involves civil debate, civic discourse and acknowledges the boundaries
between church and state.

We invite you to reimagine, be creative, be transformative and provide input in future Reimagining Española Fiestas public meetings. These united efforts will be the groundwork toward developing a community transition for an annual and public celebration which represents us ALL.