What are the yellow signs all about?

Yellow Public Notice signs are posted 15-days prior to a scheduled meeting and are indications that the property owner is requesting some sort of review from the Planning Commission.  If you see a yellow sign and have interest regarding any development on the property, you are advised to safely pull-over to a location where the sign can be read.  It provides a brief summary of the request, applicant's name and meeting information.  Additionally, all meeting information is published in the Rio Grande Sun 15-days prior and posted within the city's website at a minimum of 72-hours prior.  Information can also be obtained by calling 505-747-6103.

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1. What are the yellow signs all about?
2. Why was I not notified of a public hearing?
3. Can I appeal the Commission's decision?
4. Will I be able to speak during the hearing?
5. I have questions or concerns, but I cannot attend the meeting.